Who is Jinkies Collection?

The story of Jinkies Collection begins in 2014. I had accumulated a large quantity of vintage and secondhand pieces that I found hunting around charity shops, fairs and carboot sales over the years. I decided to have a much needed sort through of my overfilled wardrobe and sell any of the unwanted items. I came across Depop (a selling app) and fell in love with finding new homes for clothing that would have most likely ended up in landfill. In 2016 I finally came up with a name I liked and created a new account to build my own vintage shop. A shop where I could curate a collection of vintage gems and in my own small way help the planet. I've managed to rehome over 45,000 items so far and build a following of over 43,000 people. Now here I am with my own website. Thank you to those that have supported me over the years and to those who are new here, welcome! 💗

Fun Fact

The name Jinkies Collection was inspired by the iconic Velma from Scooby-Doo